8 Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to find yourself stressed out and overwhelmed by all the logistics. Between finding a venue, choosing a dress and figuring out who’ll cater the event and who to invite, you might very well be exhausted when the big day arrives

At least you have the honeymoon to look forward to! Some couples prefer to spend more on the honeymoon than on the wedding. But, if you’ve got a big family, you might want to find a bargain destination for your honeymoon.

At Addition Financial, we love to help out when our members are getting married. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget – so you can unwind after the wedding and get your married life off to a great start.

#1: Jamaica

If you’re craving a beach getaway after your wedding, you may want to consider Jamaica. While it has the beautiful white sand beaches and pristine water of more expensive honeymoon destinations, it’s quite affordable.

For example, a stay at Sandals – an all-expenses-included resort – will run you about $400 per night. When you consider that the price includes everything, and that flights from Florida to Jamaica are inexpensive, it’s easy to see why Jamaica is so popular for honeymooners.

#2: Tulum, Mexico

You may not have heard of Tulum, but it offers some breathtaking beach views for prices that are very reasonable.

While there are hotels that charge upwards of $500 per night, there are inexpensive places to stay as well. For example, Freedom Paradise has rooms that start at just $79 per night including food and drinks. You can even get a room that opens right onto the beach – perfect for unwinding after your wedding.

#3: Dublin, Ireland

You might not think a European honeymoon could be affordable, but Dublin is surprisingly inexpensive. It’s not difficult to find hotel rooms for about $50 per night and there are tons of affordable restaurants in the city.

In addition, there are historical sites and inexpensive entertainment everywhere. Even hanging out in a pub for a few hours can provide memories that will last forever.

#4: Cuba

For a long time, Cuba wasn’t an option for honeymoon travel because of the travel restrictions in place in the United States. Now that it’s possible to visit, it turns out that Cuba’s quite an inexpensive place to enjoy your honeymoon.

Like most Caribbean islands, Cuba has beautiful beaches and tropical weather. There aren’t a lot of high-end resorts here, but the locals are friendly and it’s the perfect place for a relaxing beach honeymoon.

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#5: Williamsburg, Virginia

Virginia is for lovers – or so the saying goes. Colonial Williamsburg is a great place for a domestic honeymoon, especially if you’re a history buff and can’t resist cobblestone streets and a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

From Florida, travel to Virginia is easy and inexpensive. Once you’re there, you can enjoy fine dining, historical landmarks and romantic alone time as you start your married life.

#6: Niagara Falls

If a retro honeymoon’s your style, why not take a page out of your grandparents’ book and head to Niagara Falls? Flights are reasonable from most places in the United States and there are plenty of affordable hotel rooms, too.

If you’ve got a passport, you can take a day trip to Canada. After you’ve checked out the Falls on the famous Maid of the Mist, you can check out the Niagara Wine Trail for some wine tasting and fun.

#7: San Diego, California

San Diego is a year-round tourist destination thanks to its beautiful weather and numerous beaches. There are plenty of affordable hotels in and around the city. It’s also close enough to Los Angeles and Mexico for day trips.

In addition to the beaches, you can also check out the world-famous San Diego Zoo, get a taste of Mexico in Old Town or drive to the mountains for a hike.

#8: Florida Keys

If you want a tropical beach vacation close to home, why not drive to the Florida Keys for a getaway? Provided you’re not getting married during hurricane season, it’s a beautiful spot to relax on the beach, drink tropical cocktails and enjoy local specialties such as conch fritters.

One of the best things about going to the Keys is the beautiful drive to get there. With gorgeous ocean views on both sides, you’ll be starting your honeymoon with an easy trip – so you can start relaxing as soon as possible.

Taking a honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to blow through your budget. Instead, choose one of our eight suggested honeymoon destinations on a budget and save your money for other things!

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