9 Cheap Christmas Gifts for Coworkers (Under $10)

Holiday shopping for your friends and family can be expensive and stressful enough without factoring in the gift-giving landmine that’s typical of many workplaces. Whether your office has an organized Secret Santa exchange or a casual atmosphere, it can be tricky to choose the right gifts for your coworkers.

At Addition Financial, our members sometimes ask us for suggestions of cheap Christmas gifts for coworkers. We understand that the key is to choose something thoughtful that’s affordable but not cheap-looking. Here are nine suggestions to help you out.

#1: Fingerless Gloves

Do you have an office mate who’s always complaining about the cold? If so, then the right Christmas gift to share with them might be a pair of fingerless gloves to help keep the cold at bay.

Fingerless gloves can be worn while typing, talking on the phone or making copies. There are tons of affordable options and they’re easy to find in a variety of sizes and colors.

#2: A Coffee Mug

This one might seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t have a dedicated coffee mug in the office. If you know someone who’s relying on the company’s supply of chipped mugs or using disposable cups, you might want to consider putting a mug for them on your holiday shopping list.

An alternative to a ceramic mug is a travel mug that they can use to bring coffee from Starbucks or their favorite local cafe. It’s a gift that will keep giving all year long!

#3: Earbuds

Many of us like to listen to music or a podcast while we work, but it can be difficult to find the balance between a volume you can hear and a volume that annoys your coworkers. One solution is to buy your coworker a pair of earbuds to use at their desk.

Earbuds come in a wide variety of colors and most cost less than $10. That makes them the ideal gift for any coworker – and it may help you avoid irritation when that one coworker plays the same song 10 times in a row!

#4: A Succulent Planter

It’s nice to have a little greenery at your desk, but keeping plants alive can be a challenge when you’re stuck in an office with no windows and fluorescent lighting. The solution could be as easy as buying your coworker a small succulent planter.

Succulents are some of the hardiest plants around. They need very little water and can thrive in almost any environment. In fact, they probably won’t die even when your coworker takes a two-week vacation!

#5: Loose-Leaf Tea and an Infuser

While coffee is the beverage of choice for many people, tea has its devotees as well. If you’ve got a coworker who’s always nursing a hot cuppa, you may want to gift them with an inexpensive tea infuser and a tin of loose-leaf tea.

You may even be able to find a sampler of teas to give as a gift. This gift works best if you know your coworker’s tastes and can choose teas accordingly.

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#6: A Fidget Spinner or Desktop Game

We all have a coworker who seems to have a difficult time staying still. The perfect gift for that ever-restless person is a toy or gadget they can use to occupy some of their nervous energy.

While fidget spinners have lost some of their popularity, they’re still around. You may also want to consider desktop games such as a set of magnetic balls they can use to fiddle with while they’re on an endless conference call.

#7: An Adult Coloring Book and Colored Pencils

There’s a reason that adult coloring books are so popular. Coloring relieves stress and provides an outlet for adults who have a hard time chilling out.

There are coloring books for almost every taste, including character-themed books, mandalas and flowers. Pairing a coloring book with a set of markers or colored pencils can provide your coworker with hours of relaxing fun.

#8: A Desk Calendar

We all have calendars on our computers and phones, but that doesn’t mean your coworker won’t appreciate a new calendar for their wall or desk.

A colorful photo calendar could brighten up your coworker’s office, especially if you choose one that caters to their interests. And, a 365-days calendar for their desk can provide a chuckle or a learning opportunity depending on which one you choose.

#9: A Gift Card

Gift cards may not be the most creative gift idea but they’re also hard to mess up – and that makes them perfect for the coworkers you don’t know very well.

Some good options include gift cards for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes or Starbucks. If you’re not sure, you can opt for a Visa or American Express gift card that they can use anywhere.

Buying gifts for your colleagues can be a challenge, but the nine cheap Christmas gifts for coworkers we’ve listed here can help you make this holiday season your least stressful yet.

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